This is a test bed for an email ran game. It will use the same world as my OA-W game.


Hammerfall is the destroyer of what was.

Hammerfall unleashed a wave of electromagnetic shock that destroyed the world we lived in. The only nation that had been remotely prepared was the USA. Her military industrial complex swung into action and martial law was in effect before Lucifer’s Hammer even breached our atmosphere. As the world went black, the people of the USA were already fighting to hold against the forces of the unimaginable that Hammerfall unleashed.

Hammerfall is the impetus that created the American Union.

Hammerfall and the destruction it wreaked were the anvil and hammer that shaped the remaining children of Seth. They fought to make it through to the daybreak. They fought to live through the week. They fought to survive. The people of the USA realized to survive they must take the offensive. General Andrew Jake Johnson gave the “Rebirth of Manifest Destiny” speech. He spoke of the duty and destiny of the last children of liberty to not just survive but to retake. This idealism lead to the lightning warfare, and brutal ferocity that allowed the retaking of the rest of the Americas. Reuniting the hopes of humanity in the American Union. It is the impetus that lead to the creation of our great American Union. The USA was the ember that would fan out and engulf the invading forces in a wild fire. This was truly Manifest Destiny.

Hammerfall is the mystery that will carry us forward to the future.

Hammerfall was completely against science. Lucifer’s Hammer creating interactions and events that defied physics. Several of the surviving Mega Corps have invested heavily into research of the crystal and it’s properties. Stark America has brought forth new weapons and technology based on the crystal. Other companies also research into it; Weyland-Yutani, Umbrella Corp, Alchamax , and Genetech.